Alumni Testimonials

Sometimes ago I was chatting with a FAA student of Intermediate Level Fashion Design. The student narrated how she had previously decided on a certain career path which had hit a brick wall because of low customer patronage. Frustrated with the turn of events, she decided to make a career change to Fashion Design, knowing that people will always wear clothes. She began her search in earnest for a school and found FAA most suitable for her needs. A few months after undergoing training in FAA, she had this to say: “I started my own fashion business not too long ago and it’s amazing how my client base has grown because of the quality of skills acquired at Fashion and Art Academy. Now my tailors are so busy, and I even have more orders than I can take. I am so glad I came to FAA”.

These testimonies of transformed careers and destinies are our greatest achievements and our most valued assets in FAA. We hear them again and again and never get tired of listening. They constitute the fuel that keeps the FAA team constantly working hard to give our students the best in fashion education and skills empowerment. We have captured some testimonials that give you an idea of our impact. I hope they inspire you to take that big leap and come to FAA. Check them out.

Wishing you the best in your creative pursuits

Henrietta Agboola
Head of Faculty FAA/ Creative Director House of Henri