Good evening Ma. Am Mrs. Maureen Ike from Kaduna, who by chance saw your book online, placed a call, paid and bought it. I have to express how happy I am to have your book and to tell you that your work has brought my dream of knowing how to sew for myself closer to reality. I must confess, the book has really helped me a lot. I don't really know how to thank you or what to say, because I have tried searching for sewing books at the bookshops and online, but could only find sewing books on how to alter or place pattern on a fabric and cut. None could teach me how to measure parts of the body, how to make a pattern and sew as your book does. So far I have not seen any other book written that could give such details.

I want to say thank you, God bless you and give you the grace to keep to this good work you are doing. You have helped people like me who are always busy and dream of being a fashion designer. I hope to keep in touch till the next two books are out. I have told my friends about the books. We are all waiting for them. Attached are the pictures of the clothes I have made. Believe me, you are part of my history. Thanks and God Bless You, your business and your family Amen. - Mrs. Maureen Nweke