Jewelry Craft

Jewelries are creative works of art that are displayed on human beings. From goldsmithed or silversmithed keepsakes to costume pieces, jewelry making is an important part of the accessories market that runs into billions of dollars. This programme lays the foundation in the production of beaded or costume jewelry. A range of techniques for stringing different types of synthetic and natural stones into masterful pieces are explored. Students learn the basics and graduate to more complex techniques. They learn through instructor led classes and hands-on projects aimed at developing their abilities to the level of skill. 

Admission Requirements: Minimum of a High or Secondary School Education education is recommended. However, mature candidates with working experience may also be considered.
Duration: 1 month (weekdays) or 11/2 months (weekends)
Certificates: A certificate in Jewelry Craft will be awarded after the programme to students who fulfil all the requirements of the programme including the project. 

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