Photography is more than a click of the camera. It involves the telling of a story. The photographer is a visual artist whose paint and brush is the camera and uses various forms of media as his canvas. Skillful photographers are in high demand in fashion, advertising, media, publishing and fine art. The advent of the digital camera is a revolution that has brought with it extensive possibilities in the way the photographer can create pictures, enhance them and manipulate images to tell his story. Our Photography course lays the foundation for a fulfilling career. The student's eyes are trained to recognize elements that make for a good photograph. The students are introduced to the various forms and methods of photography including camera modes and formats, lighting techniques and styling. Students master the digital camera and its various features. The use of software for photo re-touching, image enhancement and manipulation is treated. Emphasis is placed on Photoshop as an editing tool.  The students will begin to build their own professional portfolio.

Admission Requirements: Minimum of a High or Secondary School Education education is recommended. However, mature candidates with working experience may also be considered.
Course Duration: 2 months (weekdays) or 3 months (weekends)
Certificates: A certificate in Photography will be awarded after the programme to students who fulfil all the requirements of the programme including the project.

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