Exposure to creative learning is vital for the intellectual develompent of your children. The younger years are the best time to expose your kids to the benefits of being multi-skilled. The learning of a creative skill at Fashion and Art Academy effectively engages your children’s brains, widens their horizons, gets their creative juices flowing and ultimately makes them well-rounded. It helps in developing critical thinking and ultimately impacts on their academic performance by enhancing their ability to reason and solve problems. Completion of the various creative tasks also gives your kids a sense of accomplishment and achievement that is healthy for their self esteem.Exposure to creative education helped to turn the legendary Steve Jobs of Apple into a global icon. During the summer and long vacation, your kids and wards can learn a valuable creative skill at Fashion and Art Academy.  Our programmes for children are specially designed to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship in youngsters. 

We run weekend creativity programmes (Saturdays only) for children. The high point of our children’s programmes is the Holiday Academy which holds as short programmes during the end ot term holidays and longer programmes during the long vacation. These are programmes targeted at engaging the minds and hands of young people in creative productivity and a number of parents and guardians have taken the step to enrol there kids.

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