Today’s competitive labour market demands that you have more than book knowledge or a certificate of graduation. Employers are looking for people who can do more and whose track record shows they have the capacity to do so. Don’t spend your post-graduation years doing little but searching for a job.

Taking a course at Fashion and Art Academy will ensure that you are empowered with a skill while waiting for your dream job. In addition, a certificate from FAA can enhance your employability because it communicates to recruiters your hunger for knowledge and your willingness to add value to yourself so that you can be more valuable to your employers. On the other hand, you may decide on a switch and choose to build a career in the line of the skill acquired, start your own business and become an employer of labour yourself, or simply harness the skill as a means of earning extra income. A number of your graduate colleagues have taken a step in this direction. Why don’t you join them today? 

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